Home FAQ’s

Does DPC cater to the wealthy?

No. It is high-quality health care provided directly to the patient for a monthly membership fee that when compared to the annual cost of health insurance, proves an equal or often lower investment for a vastly improved level of preventative care.

What services are included in my membership?

  • In-office tests, treatments and procedures including:
    • EKG
    • Blood oxygen test
    • Urinalysis
    • Stool blood test
    • Blood sugar test
    • Strep test
    • Pregnancy test
    • Flu test
    • Mono test
    • B12 shots
    • Antibiotic shots
    • Steroid shots
    • Skin biopsies
    • Joint and bursa injections
    • Electrosurgical treatments
    • Ear wax removal
  • Primary care office visits
  • Comprehensive annual exam with emphasis on illness prevention and your personal goals
  • Personalized weight loss regimens
  • Low-cost options for out-of-office services such as laboratory, imaging, medications, cardiac tests, etc.

What other benefits are included?

  • Physician and staff who work to foster a comfortable, personalized patient relationship
  • Appointments available same or next day
  • 24/7 access to your doctor
  • Small practice size, greater attention from the doctor and staff
  • Our goal is no waiting when you come in. Obviously circumstances can arise, but in almost all cases wait is minimal or nonexistent.

How long do visits last?

Thirty minutes to over an hour is typical, but we’ll do our best to be accommodating of your schedule. If you’re in a rush, so are we!

Can I see the doctor without an appointment?

For your sake, we do prefer that you contact us first so we can make sure you have enough time to have all your concerns addressed.

Can I still see my gynecologist?

We understand that OB/GYN care is sensitive and many patients may prefer to continue seeing their existing gynecologist, and you are welcome to do so. However we do offer office GYN care, pap smears, and menopause management. We do not do obstetrics, contraceptive or reproductive care.

What About Children?

The Practice will not offer routine pediatric and well-child care or pediatric immunizations to patients below the age of 18. However, if the child of one of our adult patients has an urgent need and cannot obtain timely care from their normal pediatric provider, the Practice will make every effort to accommodate that child quickly for a minimal fee assuming the schedule allows.

What if need to see a specialist?

We’ll coordinate a specialist referral and advocate on your behalf.

What if an issue arises when Dr. Mastropietro goes out of town?

When Dr. Mastropietro is out of town he is usually available for phone calls, messages, and to help coordinate your healthcare needs with assistance from the office staff. There will also be a physician available locally if necessary, and the office will always notify all patients if, when, and how long Dr. Mastropietro will be absent.

Do I still need health insurance if I join your practice?

It is not necessary to be part of our practice, but we highly recommend it. Direct primary care provides better access and service at the primary level and helps to prevent more serious future illnesses, while insurance offers financial protection should those more serious illnesses arise.

Will you bill my insurance for office visits?

No, we do not deal with private or government health insurance plans.

Will my health insurance reimburse me for office visits or put it toward my deductible?

In some cases, yes. If your health insurance plan allows for out-of-network coverage and reimbursement we can provide paperwork for you to submit to your provider. You should consult with them at the beginning of membership to ensure that they do make such accommodations. Medicare does not allow reimbursement for our services as we’ve opted out.

Will my insurance plan reimburse my membership fee? Is it tax deductible?

At this time, membership fees cannot be reimbursed by insurance plans. Insurance and tax laws do evolve over time, however. We recommend you consult with your insurance representative and/or financial advisor for advice on those matters.

Can I use my insurance elsewhere if I join Lancaster Personal Care Medicine practice?

Yes, your insurance operates as usual outside of our office for any covered services

If I have Medicare, can I still join Lancaster Personal Care Medicine practice?

Yes. Dr. Mastropietro has opted out so you must sign a contract stating that neither of you will directly bill Medicare for his services. Medicare operates as usual outside our office for any covered services.

Is your practice considered health insurance?

No, we are not an insurance plan or provider. We are a provider of ongoing primary care.

Why charge a membership fee instead of fee for service?

It streamlines the process for both parties. No nickel and diming ensures that budgeting is easier and the focus is on quality of care, not volume or billing.

Can I have a one-time visit without a commitment to membership?

No. Our small practice size allows for better care and a closer doctor-patient relationship. The additional attention required of the Doctor and staff if we accepted drop-ins wouldn’t be fair to our committed members. But you’re welcome to come by and meet us—we’ll show you around and answer any questions you might have.

Can I enroll as a member at any time?

As long as Dr. Mastropietro’s practice is open to new patients, yes. If you’re interested, contact us as soon as possible to have a conversation on whether we’re a good fit for you. Once the practice is full, there will be a wait list.

Where do I sign up?

Click here to visit the enrollment page.

Acceptance of Patients

The Practice reserves the right to accept or decline patients based on our capabilities to appropriately handle the patients primary care needs.

Prescribing Medications

The Practice will not be prescribing chronic prescriptions of controlled substances.